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Taking seat in the cockpit you don't have to clamber through a cramped, narrow cabin door.
The door width measures a huge 42.5" with a roomy cockpit width of 46.8" and an enlarged deeper luggage compartment. It handles all the equipment you need for leisure, fun and adventure.
The seat itself is ergonomically formed, made out of carbon fiber. Integrated lumbar supports and a high-quality micro fiber textile cover contribute to great comfort.

You can quickly get your bearings on the new "IFR-style" instrument panel. Additional components can be easily retrofitted thanks to modular construction with a whole bunch of upgrades already included in the standard basic equipment package: Cabin heating and ventilation system, electric flaps, ACL, radio antenna, automatic circuit breakers and many other technical niceties such as the electric trim system and an oil temperature regulator control.
The seating position gives you full forward visibility over the cowling to the landscape - an above-the-ordinary view in this class of aircraft. This is pleasing to the eye, as well as enhancing safety.



Learn to Fly for $3795!





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