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Investors Wanted  

Four years ago the FAA established an entirely new category of pilot, called Sport Pilot and a corresponding aircraft called Light Sport; thereby bringing the cost of learning to fly and owning a new aircraft to a level that is more within the reach of millions of pilots and pilot prospects.   

These changes are on track to revolutionize flight training and the recreational aircraft industry.  

“…the National Consortium for Aviation Mobility, NCAM, anticipates the light-sport aircraft industry to grow to $2.5 billion over the next ten years in the United States alone.”  

-Source NCAM, a NASA partner


“The results from the FAA’s Forecast Conference of 2007 include a 1,730 percent increase in the number of new sport pilots that will be certified during the next 15 years.”  

-FAA Forecast Conference of 2007

 The light-sport aircraft industry’s near-term growth exceeds that of recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and watercraft combined.

 SportPlanesFlorida.com is on the leading edge of this industry changing emerging market segment, which allows us to offer several investment opportunities to forward-thinking investors. 

 Lease-back Aircraft  

          Minimum Investment: $100,000 - $150,000 (can be 70% - 80% financed)

          Expected Return: 100% cash on cash; first year ROI possible*

          Minimum Term:  Continuous


Detail:         Investor buys a new light-sport aircraft and puts it on a leaseback agreement with a flight school (ours or one of our partners).  The flight school is responsible for renting the aircraft to qualified pilots and student pilots while training.  All aircraft expenses (debt service, insurance, maintenance, engine reserve, and tie-down) are paid through the revenue generated by the aircraft.**  Once all expenses are paid, the flight school and the owner split the remaining revenue.   

Aircraft leasebacks have traditionally been used as tax write-offs for high-income individuals due to the significant losses incurred from using $275,000 aircraft (new glass panel Cessna 172) in a flight-training environment.  

                   Light sport aircraft has changed all that.  Leasebacks with the right placement now provide substantial monthly cash flow to the investor.  

                   We have unlimited opportunities to provide training aircraft to flight schools all over the United States .  SportPlanesFlorida.com will manage the entire process minimizing your hands-on involvement.  

 *  Assumes 90 hours per month utilization – routinely being experienced by a number of current flight schools. 

** Aircraft utilization below 20 hours per month result in a net loss to the owner. 

Return is pro-forma and is NOT guaranteed by SportPlanesFlorida.com.  We recommend you conduct your own due diligence prior to investing.                                

Contact jim@sportplanesflorida.com or (941) 355-3900 for more information.


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