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Full carbon wing system

The innovative monocoque construction combines low weight and highest rigidity for an almost unlimited lifetime. I is stress tested in an range of +8 to -5 g.
The adapted airfoil improves roll rate and gives a better penetration of turbulence.  A higher air-brake-effect of the new slotted flaps allows steeper descent rates and safe short-field landings. Intergrated landing lights and new LED position lights provide better visibility.

Fold it for storage

A sport aircraft typically spends over 90 % of its time on the ground. Therefore hangar expenses represent a big part of the operating costs. - Within less than 5 minutes, two people can fold the wings. This way, you can store the GX in a trailer and park it either at the airport, or behind your house. Thus, hangar expenses disappear.

Well designed, simple and solid, the connection of wing and fuselage.  There is only one solid bolt for each wing. Easy.

Independent and mobile: Put the REMOS GX in a trailer and take it to your favorite flying site - or park it in your garage or backyard.



Learn to Fly for $3795!




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